Today we’ll be talking about how you’ll be working with your home inspector during the inspection process. An inspector walks through your entire home, identifying minor issues and major problems that need to be repaired. This can be overwhelming for homeowners trying to figure out what to do with these problems or deciding whether they should call an expert for help. Keep in mind, your Realtor should be there with you throughout the process. If you don’t know what to expect, here’s what inspectors do in a typical two-to-three-hour inspection:

1. Identify major and minor issues. They’ll look for things such as mold, HVAC condition, and any repairs needed throughout the home.

2. Teach you how to maintain your home. Feel free to ask inspectors any questions you may have about your home. Their job is to educate you on the use of your home. It’s no different from a car salesman giving you a walkthrough of a vehicle.

“Feel free to ask inspectors any questions you may have about your home.”

However, you’ll want to hire an expert to check your well and septic tank, if applicable. You will also need a specialist if you want a pool looked at. Typically, home sellers have already done these things and will provide a report for you. You can always review these reports and call the specialist with any further questions.

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